Software Quality Assurance & TestingThe value of software applications in the business has greatly increased, particularly Web 2.0 and online applications making the cost of failure all more crucial. The cost of software failure is not only financial. The effects of poor testing now stretch way beyond the back-office, to the boardroom and even to the brand. When they affect the brand, the effects can be long term.

Systech has been developing application software for the last 12 years. We know firsthand the perils of not testing applications.

Even software developed by a top notch and committed development team, putting its best efforts and intentions needs to be thoroughly tested.

With both consumers and businesses demanding smarter, faster, and even more sophisticated applications, and the cost of application failure becoming ever greater, the need for testing solutions and services is necessary and pressing.

Why Software Testing?

Bugs happen!

  • Software bugs, defects and faults exist arising out of human error in the coding process
  • The errors result in a system that does not conform to requirements
  • The implication of the errors and non-conformity is a system that does not satisfy the needs of the stakeholders exposing the business to risk
    • Primary business failure costs - Internal business failure in daily operation
    • Secondary business failure costs - Business failure that causes customer business failure

Benefits of Software Testing

Testing identifies faults, whose removal increases the software quality by increasing the software’s potential reliability

It reduces costs by:

  • Minimizing poor code that may require redesign and refactoring
  • Greatly reducing the need for correcting code after release
  • Identifying and reducing quality issues as a result of poor requirements

Software Testing Pitfalls

Not properly testing your software can result in major financial loss and damage to your brand as these cases illustrate:


Quality Assurance Consulting

Test your software for bugs and potentially catastrophic operations so as to enhance efficiency, reliability and production

  • QA Process Improvement
  • QA and Software Testing Assessment
  • Document Reviews
  • Automation Test Tool Recommendation

Product Testing & Automation

  • Manual Testing Services
  • Test Strategy and Planning
  • Automation Testing Services
  • Security Testing
  • Performance and Load Testing Services
  • Embedded Software and Hardware Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing

Education and Training

  • Quality Assurance and Software Testing (ISTQB)
  • User Acceptance Testing Training
  • Hands On Training
  • Learn how to manage exploratory testing
  • Business Analysis – Gathering, Documenting and Testing User Requirements Training


IBM Rational

IBM offers one of the most complete solutions for testing complex and integrated applications delivering functional, regression, load and integration test automation to help boost cycle time, reduce cost and improve quality. The solution can be integrated with IBM Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM), providing lifecycle traceability and alignment with business requirements and objectives.

ISTQB Certified

Systech Limited has achieved Silver Partner recognition by ISTQB, the International Software Testing qualifications Board, the first Kenyan ICT firm to achieve this prestigious and important affiliation. ISTQB has defined the ISTQB Certified Tester scheme that has become the world-wide leader in certification of competences in software testing.