Network Security

Network Security Assessment is an evaluation to identify gaps and vulnerabilities in your network, help you validate your configuration and patch management, and identify steps you can take to improve your information security. The assessment helps you meet your minimum security needs.

Our assessment strategy rests on basic requirements for system and network security. There are five key variables / characteristics that the network should possess:

  • Security Policy:Networks should have a defined rules, laws and practices that specifies information security requirements (e.g., integrity , confidentiality, availability, auditing, access control, etc.) as well as what users may and may not do on the network (e.g., what constitutes unauthorized and illegal activities).
  • Network Management:Networks should be able to control access to and detect modifications of critical components. Networks must maintain control over their configuration (e.g., hardware, software, security, etc.) and connectivity.
  • Identification and Authentication:Networks should provide and manage identification and authentication functions.
  • Resources Management:Networks should provide and manage confidentiality, integrity, access control, and availability of network resources.
  • Account Management:Networks should provide and manage security-related features of network accounts (e.g., user).

What We Offer

Our primary focus for the network security assessment (also known as a security audit or security review) is identifying network vulnerabilities that an active hostile human threat might exploit. With hundreds of applications and systems across your environment with access to the Internet, maintaining and updating system operating systems and applications to eliminate vulnerabilities is paramount especially when those applications and systems are tied to sensitive Student, Examination, courses or cardholder information. Our assessment is focused in-depth analysis of technical vulnerabilities.

We provide the following services:

  • Providing real-time visibility for threat detection and prioritization, delivering surveillance throughout the entire IT infrastructure.
  • Create a centralized repository of audit data—for enterprise compliance.
  • Create a centralized repository of reporting and forensics
  • Delivering security intelligence in cloud environments
  • Identifying network security weaknesses
  • Supporting heterogeneous environments in all platforms, file shares and operating systems, including big data environments
  • Reporting network security weaknesses
  • Incident detection among billions of data points
  • Analyzing all logs in the network
  • Providing the client information about the weakness,
  • Helping validate that the weakness is a vulnerability the client wants to fix,
  • Assisting in identifying measures to eliminate or mitigate the vulnerability
  • Validating that the vulnerability is eliminated or mitigated.
  • Testing email systems
  • Intrusion detection and prevention systems
  • Testing Web servers
  • Testing Virtual private networking (VPN) systems,
  • Automated regulatory compliance with collection, correlation and reporting capabilities etc.

What We Deliver

The network Security Assessment Final Report will incorporate all information security control area findings into a single application controls assessment document, with clear, concise, findings and recommendations sufficient for risk management.

Systech can also be engaged to provide services in support of implementing findings and recommendations.