Digital Computer Forensics

Businesses are exposed to significant risks in terms of technology based criminal activity or inappropriate employee behavior. Digital Forensics involves the collection, preservation and analysis of evidence in such cases.

It is vital that organizations engage an Information Security expert once they become aware of a suspicious act. If a company does not follow the correct procedures throughout the investigation evidence may be deemed inadmissible at future proceedings.

We believe that people can make sound decisions only when a complete review and comprehensive of available evidence has been conducted.

Services we provide are:

  • Digital forensics of computers using various operating systems and file formats
  • Digital forensics of mobile devices such as Tablets , cell phones, I-Phones, and other similar devices
  • Digital forensics of flash memory devices such as USB, SD Cards other media
  • Data recovery from damaged media
  • e-Discovery support and management for your litigation needs
  • Integrated physical and information security audits and inspections
  • Mainframe audits and investigations