Database Security

Databases are at the heart of almost every organization’s computer system and are also the site of many serious security breaches. Databases are where organization store their most confidential information – from students, corporate financial data and employee records to credit card numbers, and medical information etc.

Most businesses place a high value on network security and other security measures, database security often is neglected. As a result, databases are particularly vulnerable to fraudulent activity, which can damage companies reputations and can destroy customer confidence. Many companies know they need stronger protections, but they may lack the budget to employ full-time database security personnel.


Attackers can exploit vulnerabilities in unprotected databases to create malicious files and libraries, to access database administrator-level privileges, to obtain sensitive data, and to cause disruptions in service. Most companies utilize databases heavily, but few have the specialized security knowledge necessary to effectively assess their security levels and prevent threats from materializing.

Traditional security solutions, such as perimeter and intrusion-detection systems (IDS), are insufficient, as they show attacks only after they have occurred.

Understanding the Solution’s Design and How It Solves the Problem

Systech Security offers comprehensive database security services that discover and understand the "true" risk to their clients' environments by providing strategic and technical-based assessments that evaluate policies, processes, and controls and that test for vulnerabilities.

Our Database Security Assessment consists of a three-phase process for evaluating the strength of database management systems. Systech Security personnel first gather information to identify weaknesses; next, they utilize the results to test for known issues and to discover any vulnerabilities present; and finally, they provide a vulnerability analysis, which consists of the detailed findings and recommendations needed to secure a company’s database.

What we do

By providing a comprehensive, assessment conducted by leading experts in cyber security, Systech Security offers its clients a cost-effective approach to protecting their confidentiality. Through strengthening security and eliminating the enormous risk created by insecure database configurations, missing database patches, weak passwords and other vulnerabilities. Cyber security team provides summary results that can provide an understanding of your overall security posture, along with detailed drill-downs containing concrete recommendations for improvement.