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Networks of today are evolving to address four new developments at the network edge:

  • Increase in desktop computing power
  • Introduction of bandwidth-intensive applications
  • Expansion of highly sensitive data on the network
  • Presence of multiple device types, such as IP phones and wireless LAN access points

These new demands are contending for resources with many existing mission-critical applications. As a result, IT professionals must view the edge of the network as critical to effectively manage the delivery of information and applications.

As organizations increasingly rely on networks as the strategic business infrastructure, it is more important than ever to ensure their high availability, security, scalability, and control. By adding Cisco intelligent functionality to the wiring closet, customers can now deploy network-wide intelligent services that address these requirements in a consistent way from the desktop to the core and through the WAN.

With Cisco Catalyst switches, Cisco enables organizations to realize the full benefits of adding intelligent services into their networks. Deploying capabilities that make the network infrastructure highly available to accommodate time-critical needs, scalable to accommodate growth, secure enough to protect confidential information, and capable of differentiating and controlling traffic flows are key to further optimizing network operations.

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